Advantages of Laser Cladding in Heat Treatment

In order to harden or soften a material, heat treatment techniques are used. Traditional methods use torches, electric furnaces, gas, and induction coils for heating. The cooling process in these methods uses water, oil, and more. However, there is a newer alternative to these methods that is now available. Laser cladding is currently being adapted by engineers and metallurgists. It’s a quicker and more accurate method of heat-treating materials.

If you’re looking to increase the lifespan of your machinery, laser cladding might work well for you. To explain how laser cladding works and why it’s better to use than traditional methods, read on below:

What is laser cladding?

Over the years, heat treatment in Australia has improved with laser cladding, a process that involves the use of a highly concentrated beam of light to heat a specific area accurately. Many surface engineering companies use this method, since it precisely hardens the metal. Thus, the parts used in building machinery tend to have a longer lifespan.

Laser cladding is the process of bonding two metals together through the use of laser. It is used in surface engineering to reduce corrosion in metals and to repair worn-out parts. The high-power laser creates a better finish and extended the life of a component than the traditional methods of heat treatment Australia offers.

Benefits of laser cladding

Here are the reasons why laser cladding is a better choice for manufacturing components:

  • The laser provides a precise, fully-fused deposit layer
  • Processing time is shorter compared to other methods
  • Improves the longevity of materials and reduces replacement costs
  •  A cost-effective way of extending a material’s life
  • Requires less coating dilution which ensures purity and performance
  • Reclaims worn-out and fatigued components
  • Best manufacturing method for sensitive materials

Advantages of coatings during laser cladding

To enhance component qualities, different coatings are applied using thermal spray techniques. The best heat treatment engineers recommend using coatings during laser cladding to achieve the following:

  • Increased attributes of the base material, such as strength, stiffness, weight, cost, corrosion resistance, and thermal capability
  • Improved properties of the surface, which include hardness, electrical resistance or conductivity, matting characteristics, thermal transfer, and shielding
  • Tailored coatings according to the specified needs of the material at a low cost

The abovementioned base and surface properties cannot be achieved using other techniques.

Where is laser cladding applicable?

Laser cladding can be used on various materials. These include stainless steel, tungsten, carbide, nickel alloy, cobalt alloy, and copper alloy. It can also bond materials like cast iron, hardened steel, high chrome iron, and other materials that cannot be welded. Sensitive components, like shafts and gears, are also best processed with laser cladding.

Laser cladding creates mirror finishes to new parts. Additionally, it also repairs and reclaims worn-out parts. The result is a high-performing component with a longer life. Today, there are research and development programmes that look for ways on improving laser cladding to expand its applications.

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Water bore drilling: What is it and how manages to do it allow you to?

Water borehole drilling is the process of drilling and casing an opening on a lawn, with the goal of accessing underground water or properly draining water on the surface. It’s utilized on various industries in Sunshine Coast, thus it’s important for you really to learn know how water bore drilling Sunshine Coast has today may help you.

Image result for water bore drilling sunshine coast

What you should know about water bore drilling, and how could it help you?

As previously mentioned earlier, water bore drilling is used to access or remove water on a certain area, according to just what a certain Sunshine Coast project needs. With the utilization of powerful and advanced drilling rigs, services of water bore drilling in Sunshine Coast will help your project achieve such goals efficiently.

That can let you have further benefits during and following the borehole drilling process.

Accessing underground water

Sunshine Coast water bore drilling services can allow you to drill and case an opening on a lawn, so you can access or extract the water underneath. This is helpful for different purposes, like water well construction, agricultural irrigation, and water feed for processing plants among others.

This will help you have a properly drilled and cased hole, thus letting you access the underground water conveniently. Not mentioning that you can even prevent the hassles of manual digging through it.

Draining surface water

Certain industries, whether in Sunshine Coast or in some other areas, requires surface water to be drained properly before they could go up with their projects. Such type of draining process is named dewatering and aims to lessen down the water table on a certain area.

Like in a development site, as an example, the water level should really be lowered ahead of the team might go up with a building project. This is applicable on sites with a sizable level of water that should be removed.

Thus, engineers should want to hire services of water bore drilling Sunshine Coast offers, and they need to find a dependable one for an efficient dewatering process.

Finding a reliable water bore drilling services in Sunshine Coast

Remember these guidelines, for you really to find water bore drilling Sunshine Coast offers.

Find the top options

Start with knowing the top water bore drilling services in Sunshine Coast. You certainly can do this by asking around some acquaintances, or by reading online reviews of available services.

Choose one with long years of service

Do some background check, and see which on the list of options have been on service for quite a long time. Check that has good track records as well.

Identify which uses advanced machines

Advance and stronger machines mean better work. Thus, don’t miss to look for one with better rigs, such as the 4th generation machines offered at

Look for one that cares for the environment

Of course, it would be better to hire a service that promises to do the least effect on the environment.

Finally, check which offers the service you need, on a reasonable price

After weighing the factors above, check quality water bore drilling Sunshine Coast has that offers the service that you need. Moreover, it wouldn’t hurt to get one that you can afford to pay.

When you think a water bore drilling service may help your Sunshine Coast project, search well for a reliable service right away. Connect together, and let them find out about your needs.

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